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Upcoming events

    • 07/13/2021
    • 11/09/2021
    • 5 sessions
    • Webinar

    CAPA CCP Insider - Web Series 2021

    “California Certification –Your CCP Future Starts Here!”

    Monthly, Second Tuesday at 6:30 pm

    CCP EXAM -  State-Specific for California Paralegals  - What is it? What to Expect

    STUDY TIPS - Substantive Law; Civil Litigation, Corporate, Criminal, Employment,
    Family, Probate & Trust,  and Real Estate

    STUDY RESOURCES - California Legal System, Legal Research, Legal Terminology, Communications

    CCP Topics –  CCP Exam, Eligibility (BPC 6450 Compliance), Application and Registration  

    2021 - California Certification - Your CCP Future Starts Here!

    June 8, July 13, September 14, October 12, December 14

    May 11 MCLE* – Corporate Law or Real Estate Law (Topic to be confirmed)

    August 10 MCLE* – Criminal Law or Family Law  (Topic to be confirmed)

    November 9 MCLE* – Carole J. Buckner – Ethics Presentation

    To receive a Certificate of Attendance, you must be logged in and attend the entire webinar for a full hour to earn MCLE credit. CAPA uses GoToWebinar attentiveness and participation metrics (analytics report) to ensure registrants are fully active and eligible.

     Link for Event:

    Please locate monthly details on the CAPA CCP Insider web page

    or use the CAPA website Quick Link button. 

    Any questions?  E-mail or

    • 09/23/2021
    • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Online
    • 86

    A Virtual Murder Mystery Social-

    Each player has a character webpage that includes a detailed background and costume suggestions with links. The players can read about their character, as well as study up on others that will be at the party, if they desire. 

    Everything should be considered evidence, so our guests can start sleuthing before the social begins.


    The departed is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. Famous for creating the number one social media application known as Yipper, he has notoriously created foes during his ladder climb to the top.  He was recently listed on the Fordes Magazine list of the richest people in the world with his estate being worth billions.

    The world was shocked to hear of his untimely demise last Tuesday. The coroner has declared the death a suicide, but many have demanded further investigation. You received a letter from the family lawyer to attend the reading of the Last Will and Testament in the Kingsley Mansion on the outskirts of Godley Hollow. This is where your story begins.


    Questions?  E-mail

    • 09/30/2021
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Zoom
    • 87

    September 30th from 6-8pm PST


    Civility and Communication in a Hybrid World

    Practical tips for effective communication between lawyers, paralegals, staff, court reporters, and others



    Joanna Storey

    Ana Fatima Costa

    The SFPA Skills Academy is a free interactive set of classes held once each month to enhance and improve your paralegal and professional development.  You will be provided with a notebook at the beginning of the year to record your progress.  Members who complete all 12 classes will get a voucher for a free MCLE class in 2022, and a certificate.   These classes will be held virtually on Zoom.  

Past events

09/07/2021 MCLE - Trusts and Estates: Navigate Epic Aging & Inheritance Conflicts
08/19/2021 SFPA Skills Academy- Session 8- Avoiding UPL!
07/14/2021 SFPA Skills Academy- Session 7- How To Destress, Manage The Mind and Live a More Fulfilling Life
06/26/2021 CAPA- 33rd Annual June Conference
06/22/2021 MCLE - Legal Ethics: What You Need to Know in 2021
06/17/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour- Awards Night!!!
06/16/2021 SFPA Skills Academy- Session 6 Imposter Syndrome
05/22/2021 Paralegal Day- Trials 101
05/18/2021 Will reschedule SFPA Skills Academy- Session 5
05/15/2021 SFPA Tech Summit!
04/15/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour- TRIVIA
04/14/2021 SFPA Skills Academy- Session 4
03/25/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour- BINGO
03/24/2021 SFPA Skills Academy- Session 3
03/23/2021 Telling Their Stories- SFPA-LAPA-SDPA Women's Day event
03/12/2021 SFPA Spring Social
03/11/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour- TRIVIA NIGHT
02/25/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour
02/18/2021 SFPA Skills Academy
02/18/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour
02/11/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour
02/10/2021 MCLE - Ethics and Social Media in Court
02/09/2021 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series - ETHICS WEBINAR
02/06/2021 CAPA Board Meeting
02/04/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour
02/03/2021 SFPA Board Meeting
01/28/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour
01/27/2021 SFPA Skills Academy
01/21/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour
01/14/2021 SFPA/LAPA Virtual Happy Hour
01/12/2021 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
01/06/2021 SFPA Board Meeting
12/18/2020 SFPA Winter Social
12/08/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
12/02/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
11/10/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
11/04/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
10/29/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
10/24/2020 Annual Meeting 2020
10/23/2020 Pre-Conference MCLE & Mixer
10/22/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
10/15/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
10/14/2020 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
10/14/2020 SFPA Board Meeting - RESCHEDULED
10/13/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
10/08/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
10/07/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
10/01/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
09/26/2020 CAPA's Virtual Education Conference - Employment Law
09/24/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
09/17/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
09/10/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
09/09/2020 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
09/08/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
09/03/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
08/29/2020 CAPA's Virtual Education Conference - ADR/Mediation
08/27/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
08/20/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
08/13/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
08/11/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series-Ethics MCLE
08/06/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
08/05/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
07/25/2020 CAPA's Virtual Education Conference - Corporate Law
07/14/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
07/13/2020 MCLE - History of Racism, Ally Awareness & Action
07/08/2020 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
07/01/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
06/30/2020 MCLE - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
06/27/2020 CAPA's Virtual Education Conference - Civil Litigation
06/15/2020 MCLE - Understanding the Impact of Culture and Gender to Help Eliminate Bias
06/10/2020 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
06/10/2020 MCLE - Finding People and Assets
06/03/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
06/01/2020 MCLE - Remote Proceedings - Preparation, Tools and Tactics
05/26/2020 MCLE - PMK Custodian Interview Questionnaire
05/21/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
05/20/2020 MCLE - Spotlight on Professional Responsibility and Technology: What Every Legal Team Needs to Know
05/15/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
05/14/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
05/13/2020 MCLE - Social Media Ethical Evidence Collection & Use
05/07/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
05/06/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
05/06/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
05/05/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
05/04/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/30/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
04/30/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/29/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/28/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/27/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/23/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
04/23/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/22/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/21/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/20/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/17/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/16/2020 SFPA Virtual Happy Hour
04/15/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/14/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/13/2020 SFPA RISE Webinar Series
04/01/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
03/18/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
03/11/2020 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
03/10/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
02/27/2020 SFPA Winter Social @ The Patriot House
02/19/2020 BASF 2020 Paralegal Section Annual Mixer
02/12/2020 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
02/11/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series-Ethics MCLE
02/05/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
02/01/2020 CAPA Board Meeting
01/14/2020 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
01/08/2020 SFPA Board Meeting
12/11/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
12/10/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series - FREE Event
12/04/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
11/16/2019 Pro Bono Committee Volunteer Match - Register now!
11/13/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
11/13/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
11/12/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series-Hot Topics in Legal Ethics
11/06/2019 SFPA Fall Social @ The Englander Sports Pub & Restaurant
11/03/2019 CAPA Board Meeting
11/02/2019 CAPA November Conference
11/01/2019 California Certified Paralegal Exam - Fresno
10/25/2019 SFPA 47th Annual Meeting & MCLE Event 2019
10/09/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
10/08/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
10/05/2019 2019 Student Scholarship Essay - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 10/5 @ NOON!
10/02/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
10/01/2019 SFPA Paralegal of the Year Nominations
09/11/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
09/10/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
09/04/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
08/14/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
08/07/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
08/03/2019 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting - DATE CHANGED!
07/10/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
07/09/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
07/03/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
06/16/2019 CAPA Board Meeting
06/15/2019 CAPA 31st Educational Conference - Register Today
06/14/2019 SFPA Summer Social at Patriot House
06/14/2019 California Certified Paralegal Exam - Burlingame
06/12/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
06/11/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
06/05/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
06/01/2019 California Certified Paralegal Exam - Sacramento
05/18/2019 SFPA Paralegal Day 2019
05/08/2019 CAPA Webinar Series: Goal Academy
05/04/2019 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
05/01/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
04/24/2019 Spring Social at Bar Three Fifty-Five!
04/10/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
04/09/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
04/03/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
03/13/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
03/12/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
03/06/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
02/27/2019 Winter Social at The Irish Bank!
02/23/2019 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
02/13/2019 CAPA Members-Only Webinar Series: Goal Academy
02/12/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series
02/09/2019 CAPA Board Meeting
02/09/2019 California Certified Paralegal Exam - San Diego
02/09/2019 California Certified Paralegal Exam - Sacramento
02/06/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
01/26/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
01/08/2019 CAPA CCP Insider Web Series Launch
01/02/2019 SFPA Board Meeting
12/05/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
11/13/2018 SFPA Fall Social @ Make Westing - Register Now!
11/07/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
11/03/2018 CAPA Board Meeting
11/02/2018 California Certified Paralegal Exam - Cupertino
10/27/2018 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
10/19/2018 SFPA 46th Annual Meeting & MCLE Event 2018
10/10/2018 CAPA Members-Only: GOAL ACADEMY: "Why Is My Resume Overlooked and How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired."
10/07/2018 2018 Student Scholarship Essay - EXTENDED 1 WEEK - ALL ENTRIES DUE OCTOBER 7!
10/03/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
10/01/2018 SFPA Paralegal of the Year Nominations
09/24/2018 Prenuptial Agreement MCLE Seminar-Family Law Practice Section Inaugural Celebration with Lunch and Cookie Cake!
09/12/2018 CAPA Members-Only: G.O.A.L Webinar Series - "PDF Adobe Pro Acrobatics"
09/08/2018 California Certified Paralegal Exam - San Francisco
09/05/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
08/29/2018 SFPA Family Law Section Meeting
08/21/2018 Filings and Procedures from the Probate Clerk's Office of the San Francisco County Superior Court
08/15/2018 SFPA Summer Social @ Fifth Arrow - Register Now!
08/08/2018 CAPA Members-Only: G.O.A.L Webinar Series
08/01/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
07/28/2018 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
07/26/2018 SFPA Family Law Section Meeting
07/17/2018 Naming a Trust as the Beneficiary of a Retirement Account
07/11/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
06/23/2018 CAPA 30th Educational Conference
06/22/2018 California Certified Paralegal Exam - Irvine
06/19/2018 Working With A Professional Fiduciary
06/14/2018 Spring Social at Lungomare, Oakland
06/06/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
05/22/2018 Your Attorney Dies. Now What?
05/19/2018 Paralegal Day 2018
05/02/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
04/17/2018 Overview of Estate Planning
04/14/2018 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
04/04/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
03/21/2018 Winter Social at the Irish Bank
03/20/2018 Recent Developments in Trusts and Estates
03/13/2018 Canceled - Case Notebook® Training by Thomson Reuters
03/07/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
02/10/2018 CAPA Board Meeting
02/07/2018 SFPA Board Meeting
01/30/2018 A View from the Probate Examiner's Desk, San Francisco County Superior Court
12/19/2017 California Court System: An Insider’s Perspective on How to Navigate the State Court System
12/13/2017 SFPA Board Meeting
12/02/2017 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
11/15/2017 SFPA Fall Social! (This is a free event.)
11/01/2017 SFPA Board Meeting
10/17/2017 Welcome to the Complex World of Fiduciaries, Trust Administrators, Agents as Durable Power of Attorneys, and Care Managers
10/13/2017 SFPA 45th Annual Meeting & MCLE Event 2017!
10/04/2017 SFPA Board Meeting
09/23/2017 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
09/19/2017 Overview of 2017 California Probate Referee's Association, The Probate Referee Guide
09/06/2017 SFPA Board Meeting
08/23/2017 SFPA Summer Social! (This is a free event.)
07/12/2017 SFPA Board Meeting
06/20/2017 Chutes and Ladders? or Eats Shoots and Leaves: Probate Procedure and Rules of Construction
06/10/2017 SFPA Pro Bono Committee Meeting
06/07/2017 SFPA Board Meeting
05/23/2017 This Administration Feels Like Litigation: What to Do When People Start Fighting?
04/19/2017 Spring Social!
04/18/2017 Protecting Clients' Assets Through Bonding
03/14/2017 A View from the Probate Examiner's Desk (SF County Superior Court)
02/07/2017 Recent Developments in Probate by Sandra Price, Esq.
01/17/2017 Probate South of the Border: Practice Tips for San Mateo County Superior Court
01/14/2017 SFSU - CA State Notary Public
11/16/2016 SFPA Fall Social (FREE)
11/15/2016 2 Day - Low-Income Landlord Clinic Training in Alameda
10/25/2016 Family Law Day of Court Clinic Volunteer Training
10/14/2016 SFPA Annual Meeting 2016
09/30/2016 Paralegal Boot Camp - Join now!
09/15/2016 Women Referring Women 2016, presented by SFTLA
09/14/2016 Best Practices for Addressing Smartphones in Civil Discovery
09/13/2016 A View from the Probate Examiner's Desk
09/01/2016 SF Legal Professionals Assoc. Happy Hour!
08/17/2016 SUMMER SOCIAL!
08/09/2016 San Francisco Trial Lawyer's Association (SFTLA) - Cutting through the Paper Storm: Managing and Summarizing Medical, Employment and Military Records
06/25/2016 28th Annual CAPA Educational Conference
06/11/2016 SFPA PARALEGAL DAY 2016 (MCLE Presentations)
05/10/2016 Presentation by P. MacLaren, Esq. -Further Tips for Handling Conservatorships, Guardianships, Estates, and Trusts in San Mateo
04/19/2016 Legal Ethics Review for Trusts and Estates Professionals, presented by Vince Avellino, JD
04/14/2016 E-filing webinar - Learn How to Avoid 95% of Reasons for Rejection
04/07/2016 E-filing webinar - Learn How to Avoid 95% of Reasons for Rejection
03/16/2016 Eula Mae Jett Scholarship (Due Date 3/16/2016)
03/09/2016 SFPA Spring Social at Blanc et Rouge
02/23/2016 "Recent Developments", presented by Sandra B. Price, Esq.
02/10/2016 Board Meeting - SFPA
02/06/2016 Paralegals needed for "Basics of Estate Planning" workshop
01/26/2016 IRS Recent Developments (MCLE)
01/06/2016 Board Meeting - SFPA
12/18/2015 FREE Webinar from Logikcull: Emerging Career Paths for E-Discovery and Cybersecurity Professionals
12/09/2015 Winter Holiday Social
12/03/2015 Tips For Handling Conservatorships, Guardianships, Estates and Trusts in San Mateo County
12/02/2015 Board of Directors Meeting
12/01/2015 FREE Webinar from Logikcull: Sanctions, Malpractice, Waiver: Looming eDiscovery Risks and How to Avoid Them
11/17/2015 Assisting Low-Income Landlords in Unlawful Detainer Actions (not open to students)
11/10/2015 Advanced Estate Planning
10/23/2015 SFPA 43rd ANNUAL MEETING
10/20/2015 Surety Bonding - From Beginning to End
10/20/2015 Free Webinar from Logikcull: eDiscovery Risks and How to Avoid Them
10/16/2015 Free Webinar from Logikcull: How Mid-Size Firms Can Out-Litigate Bigger Foes
09/23/2015 FALL Humpday SFPA Social
09/17/2015 Women Referring Women 2015
09/15/2015 A View from the Probate Rxaminer's Desk
08/27/2015 SFLPA "100 Days Before Trial"
07/28/2015 eDiscovery Workshop presented by Logikcull
07/25/2015 Loan Signing Agent Training - SFSU workshop
06/27/2015 27th Annual CAPA Educational Conference
06/20/2015 The Flow of Construction Defect
06/16/2015 Legal Ethics Review for Trusts and Estates Paralegals Chapter V
05/16/2015 MCLE - Ethics Review
05/12/2015 Career Success in the Bay Area's Paralegal Community
05/02/2015 PARALEGAL DAY 2015
04/23/2015 MCLE: CSUEB and SFPA CaseMap Training (with Certification)
04/21/2015 MCLE: Basics of Conservatorships
04/09/2015 MCLE: CSUEB and SFPA Concordance Training - Afternoon Session
04/09/2015 MCLE: CSUEB and SFPA Concordance Training - Morning Session
04/06/2015 Board Meeting - SFPA
03/25/2015 eDiscovery Webinar presented by Logikcull
03/24/2015 MCLE: Problem Areas In Trust Administration
03/14/2015 MCLE - CASEMAP
03/02/2015 Board Meeting - SFPA
02/17/2015 MCLE: Recent Developments Trusts & Estates
02/02/2015 Board Meeting - SFPA
01/04/2015 Board Meeting - SFPA (Planning Meeting)
12/08/2014 SFPA Board Meeting
11/18/2014 MCLE: Legal Ethics Review For Trusts And Estates Paralegals
11/10/2014 SFPA Board Meeting
10/24/2014 SFPA Annual Meeting
10/06/2014 SFPA Board Meeting
07/09/2014 SFPA Summer Social with Planet Depos & Park IP
07/07/2014 SFPA Board Meeting
06/28/2014 CAPA 26th Annual Educational Conference
06/24/2014 MCLE: Best Practices: Ten Simple and Sophisticated Estate Planning Details for In Office and Freelance Paralegals
06/19/2014 JAM for JUSTICE - A Benefit
06/13/2014 Register for BREAKFAST WITH LINKEDIN
06/04/2014 SFSU Event - Tax Preparation/Financials MCLE
06/02/2014 Board Meeting - SFPA
05/20/2014 MCLE: How to Prepare and File the Inventory from a Probate Referee’s Perspective
05/06/2014 Board Meeting - SFPA
04/22/2014 MCLE: Issues in Estate Planning for Beneficiaries Receiving Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income
04/07/2014 Board Meeting
03/18/2014 Trusts and Estates Practice Section - MCLE
03/03/2014 Board Meeting
02/21/2014 SFPA Winter Social @ Pacific Coast Brewing
02/18/2014 Trusts and Estates Practice Section - MCLE
02/18/2014 Trusts and Estates - Speaker Bio and Presentation outline
02/03/2014 SFPA Board Meeting
12/04/2013 SFPA Board Meeting
11/11/2013 SFPA Board Meeting
11/02/2013 CAPA Leadership Conference
10/25/2013 SFPA Annual Meeting
10/07/2013 SFPA Board Meeting
09/27/2013 SFPA Fall Social @ Pacific Coast Brewing Company
09/10/2013 MCLE: A View from the Private Fiduciary's Desk
07/30/2013 MCLE: "5 Things You Should Know About Relativity"
06/22/2013 CAPA Educational Conference
06/17/2013 SFPA Board Meeting
05/18/2013 SFPA Paralegal Day 2013
05/07/2013 MCLE: "I think that I just received Electronic Discovery. What Now?"
04/09/2013 Trusts and Estates Practice Section Meeting
03/19/2013 MCLE: Recent Developments in Estate
03/08/2013 SFPA Spring Social @ Blanc et Rouge Wine Bar
01/15/2013 Legal Ethics Review for Trusts & Estates Paralegals
12/18/2012 MCLE: Elder Law and Unlawful Detainers
11/13/2012 MCLE: Legal Ethics Review for Trusts and Estates Paralegals and Lawyers
11/08/2012 SFPA Winter Social @ Ozumo!
11/06/2012 SFPA Board Meeting
11/03/2012 CAPA Board Meeting
10/02/2012 SFPA Board Meeting
10/01/2012 Chantal B. Russell Scholarship Deadline
09/21/2012 SFPA Fall Social @ Basil Canteen
09/04/2012 SFPA Board Meeting
07/21/2012 SFPA Planning Meeting
07/17/2012 MCLE: Corporate Trustees and the Fiduciary's Perspective: A View from the Corporate Trustee's Desk
06/24/2012 CAPA Board Meeting
06/23/2012 CAPA Educational Conference
06/16/2012 SFPA Paralegal Day
06/13/2012 MCLE: What Is Really Meant By The Market Value? - How To Offend Or Defend The Value
06/05/2012 SFPA Board Meeting
06/01/2012 SFPA Summer Social @ Faz Restaurant
05/23/2012 MCLE: Mortgage Loan Activities, Fraud and Dishonest Dealing, and Unlicensed Activities
05/15/2012 Contoural Information Governance and eDiscovery Symposium 2012
05/10/2012 MCLE: A View from the Probate Examiner’s Desk, Part II
05/09/2012 MCLE: What Real Estate Agents Know About the Law
05/01/2012 SFPA Board Meeting
04/26/2012 MCLE: Internal Revenue Service – Estate Tax Lien Collection Issues
04/20/2012 A Portal Peek into the Patent Prosecution Practice and the Patent Profession
04/13/2012 The WayPoint Business Model and IP Platform
04/03/2012 SFPA Board Meeting

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