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Nuremberg War Crimes Trials - Video

05/20/2017 7:56 AM | Denise Bashline (Administrator)

 Justice John G. Gabbert Historic Oral Argument and Lecture Series


The fourth reenactment recognized the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, in which 22 high-ranking Nazi defendants were prosecuted for criminal acts responsible for causing World War II and its most heinous atrocities. In commemorating the Nuremberg trials, the Gabbert Series stepped beyond American constitutional law into one of the seminal events in the development of international jurisprudence. Presiding Justice Ramirez commented, “At the heart of the proceedings was the conviction that justice, not revenge, must guide the Allies’ response to the horrific violations of human rights and dignity inherent in Nazi aggression as exemplified by the Holocaust. Out of the Nuremberg process came the principles further developed in the permanent International Criminal Court at the Hague in the Netherlands, which has continued the mission of punishing those who criminally violate international norms of peace and humanity.”


Program Highlights:
Sgt Alex V. Lopez, U.S. Army 79th Infantry Division, Nuremberg Military Police
Sgt Edward Goeppinger, U.S. Army 12th Armored Division
Melisse Banwer, Tolerance Education Center (Rancho Mirage)
Nazi Legal System (1933-1945)

Liebe Geft, Director, Museum of Tolerance (L.A.)
Renee Firestone, Holocaust Survivor
Dissecting the Case and Historical Importance of Nuremberg War Crimes Trials:
Professor John Barrett, St. John's School of Law (New York)
Christian Buckley, Esq.
Don Burris, Esq.

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