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Korematsu v United States - Video

05/20/2017 7:59 AM | Denise Bashline (Administrator)

Justice John G. Gabbert Historic Oral Argument and Lecture Series


The inaugural program, honoring the courage and patriotism of the Japanese-American internees in War Relocation Centers during World War II, revisited the oral argument in Korematsu v. US (1944) 323 U.S. 214. Presiding Justice Ramirez said, “Although the Korematsu decision is to be remembered rather than celebrated, the patriotism and courage of the Japanese-American internees is cause for celebration. While Japanese-Americans were herded into detention facilities and stripped of their liberty and property even as their sons, grandsons, and brothers fought in Europe, the internees faced the challenges imposed on them with courage, grace, and dignity. While giving full weight to the opinion’s fallacies, the complete lesson cannot be learned without understanding the wartime context and separation-of-powers rationale that seemed to justify the decision at the time. The Korematsu oral argument re-creation and subsequent discussion, as well as the art display, will appropriately and soberly memorialize the Japanese-American internments while celebrating Japanese-American loyalty to and sacrifice for the United States of America.”




Presiding Judge Manuel Ramirez Introduces the Justice John G. Gabbert Historic Oral Argument and Lecture Series 2:40
Introduction to the Case 9:38
Argument Reenactment 13:31

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